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Top 5 reasons why you won't succeed

Today we will be discussing 5 reasons why you won't have a successful career. Everyone wants to be rich & have the glamorous life but are you taking the right steps to place yourself on the path of success? Here are some possible reasons why you haven't seen the progress you would like in your life.

1. You always have a reason

EXCUSES, You always have a reason why you're not successful. You blame everything for failures and not reaching your goals. It is either your parents, your income, the government is stopping you, the president sucks, there is always something YOU think is in your way. This mindset is actually a common problem for a lot of entrepreneurs. Your mindset believes in this logic and for that reason you won't be successful. Blaming something else besides yourself is a recipe for failure. If you don't figure out that the reason you're not as successful is yourself then don't expect any change for your goals.

2. You stop learning

You're a know it all. Yes, you're talented but you stop learning because you feel like what you know so far is enough to succeed. Well you're wrong, having that mentality will halt your progress. You're never done learning, learning is a never ending process. Going to marketing events, speaking to other business owners, having an mentor are examples of ways to learn. Successful business owners never stop learning, you think they stuck with the same skillset their entire career? Keep learning, keep your mind open to new ideas. If you want to get better and increase the chance of being successful, keep learning.

3. No passion or drive

Starting a business with unaspiring ideas & goals is the worst way to grow. You need passion & drive, you need to LOVE what you do. Everyday, you need to wake up and have the drive to WANT to build your business. If you make revenue goals, you want to become a millionaire, you want to earn $100,000 a year, you will fail. People who inherited money or was given a business don't count, for obvious reasons. If you believe in just the money you will end up quitting/giving up. You won't like the cash flow right away and find everything so difficult that you end up giving up your dream. Look at all the top successful people in the world who started with nothing, what drove them to success was PASSION.

4. You lack confidence

The lack of confidence is a serious killer in business. Who will do business with you if you don't believe in yourself. Having confidence and feeling like your business is better than your competitors, that energy will transfer to your customers.

5. Don't work with others

You hate working with others, if you don't like to play with others you will always be stuck as a lone wolf. Look at successful people, they always build teams, you need a team no matter what. You can't do everything and at some point you need to assemble a group of individuals that have the same passion & ideas that you need to build your business.

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